Healthy Critters #41: Poisonous Bites, Fireworks Alternatives, Manure Makeup, Cocker Spaniel

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Tigger and Pati chat with Lizzy Meyer of Whole Horse Consulting about dealing with poisonous bites, Hedwig offers alternative July 4th entertainment, critter nutrition covers manure characteristics, the breed of show is the Cocker Spaniel and coffee klatch features matching … Continued

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 11 by BiostarUS – Warhorse Solutions Chemical Free Soap Science, Oxidative Stress, Dalmatian, Poo Awareness

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Including: Warhorse Solutions founder Tawana Weicker tells the inspiring story of her unique chemical-free cleaning products, The breed of the show is the Dalmatian, Critter Nutrition covers oxidative stress, and The properties of poo.  Listen in… Healthy Critters Radio Episode 11 – … Continued