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Pati PierucciPati Pierucci of Pierucci Dressage is a horse trainer and competitor with many years experience, going back as far as 1995.  She is currently a trainer at Creek Colony and All Zenas Horses, in Texas. Pati not only is a well known FEI dressage rider and trainer, she also is a wife with three children, with a variety of dogs including Frenchies, and has a particular affinity for Starbucks coffee. ..which may have something to do with her seemingly boundless energy and quick wit.



Tigger MontagueTigger Montague of BioStar US is the daughter of a baker, and the granddaughter of a dairyman, and has inherited the same passions as her family about real food. With over 30 years experience in the equine and human supplement industry, Tigger knows nutrition from the synthetic side as well as the whole food side. She started Biostar in 2006 with formulas she created in her kitchen.  Before she started the company, she was an avid rider and competitor with eventing and show jumping, until she got hooked on dressage in the late 1980’s.  She has competed on horses she’s owned and trained all the way from training level to grand prix.


Ask HedwigHedwig is my name, and I am a Pomeranian! (That is pronounced Pom’ranian, and can be shortened to “RANIAN” when I am wild!) I am often wild. I was in a puppy mill and deemed unadoptable after I was rescued because I was too crazy. But my human slave was on sabbatical, and she said I could come home with her and my SISTER, who is also a Pom’ranian. I am an expert on the AMAZING.  I can help you answer any questions you might have. (See the Ask Hedwig page on Facebook!)


LionheartLionheart is a retired Grand Prix dressage horse now in his late 20’s.  He and Tigger have been together since he was four years old.  Despite his age, Lionheart still chases Australian Shepherd dogs out of his pasture, and spooks at things like water buckets being filled, and his fly mask being put on.




Buckaroo Bonsai
Buckaroo is a two year old Australian Shepherd, bred by Lori Fausett of Soundtrack Farms in Florida.  Buckaroo is quite a canine character as evidenced by his nicknames: Buckarooni-Mashpatootie, Mr. Schmoo, and Schmoonie.  He has been so influential that a line of products was named after him: Biostar’s Buckaroo’s Stews.  Buckaroo spends part of the year in Virginia living on a horse farm, in the winter he joins Kemosabe for two months in Wellington, Florida.  His hobbies include: tormenting the cat, bossing the horses around, and stealing Biostar Optimum bars from the production facility.


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Square leafBioStar specializes in whole food supplements for horses and dogs. BioStar prides itself in Authentic Nutrition – supplements are made with organic, non-GMO, raw ingredients that the body easily absorbs and uses to increase its own well-being.




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