Healthy Critters #35: Expert Advice on Dog Training, Dachshund, Bovine Colostrum, Horse Buying Stories

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  This episode features expert advice from dog trainer Karen Quillen of All Things Pawssible, plus the Dachshund breed, the industry and ethics of bovine colostrum, memorable horse buying experiences, and Hedwig on sun protection for dogs. Guests and Links: Link … Continued

Healthy Critters #29: Golding on Bone Kare, Vitamin Mineral Supplements, Detox the Dog, Andalusian Chicken, Ideal Vacation

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  On today’s show we will talk with Jay Golding from Bone Kare USA, the breed of the show is the Andalusian chicken, Hedwig discusses detoxing after the holidays, in critter nutrition we ask Do horses need a multi vitamin/mineral, and in … Continued

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